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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Give Me One Good Reason to NOT Like This

Aside from the whole "But what I really wanna do is SING!" angle, I find Scarjo's first single from her Tom Waits covers album totally not bad.

(Actual video here, but I like the Lost in Translation one better.)

Monday, April 28, 2008

If You're Bored You Must Be Boring

Tomorrow I am going to the dentist for the first time since 2005. I can't wait for them to crank open my creaky jaw and see all the moths and cobwebs back there! Heh heh, eeeeeeeww. Just kidding, I totally floss like a mad woman.

So tonight I filled out this Dental Survey that my new dentist mailed to me, and one of the questions, amongst a page full of straightforward doctor-like questions, was: Would you change anything about your smile if you could?

Holy cow! Talk about a can of worms! And this is the amount of space they gave me to answer:_____________.

I thought about all of the things I don't like about my smile. I think it is too gummy when it is at its most sincere. My front teeth are too round (They constantly remind me of how Jim Davis used to draw crazy people, always with round teeth). And the entire bottom row is a crooked mess. There's even an unofficial snaggle tooth down there. And...I really like gaps in front teeth. I wish I could have a gap in my front teeth, they are so cute. Oh, and they could be a lot whiter too.

So I thought all those things, and then I looked at the line:_____________.

And I just wrote: Nothing :)

That's right, I drew a smiley face.

Oh, and sorry I haven't been posting. I've been so utterly bored with myself lately.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Super Movie Weekend Extravaganza!

Over the weekend I saw three movies, in this order:

The Girl Next Door
This is one of those movies that plays a song when it doesn't know where the plot should go...every 15 seconds. But Emile Hirsch is charming, Elisha Cuthbert is hot (but less charming), and it has the whole last days of high school thing going for it. I am a sucker for a dumb high school movie.

No Country for Old Men
Kind of a no brainer that this movie is awesome. I had to look at the FAQ's on the movie's IMDB page afterward because I am kind of slow.

Little Children
At first, the narration of Little Children irked me, but the over-arching creepiness slowly washed over me until the voiceover seemed natural. The sets looked fake (I think intentionally), and the actors seemed to "act" as if they were in a play. But I like that sort of thing.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh and

One more thing. I really want Jillers to start a blog like What I Wore (lovely blog, check it out), because she's so styling. If she doesn't do it I might start one called, "What Jill Wore."

Picture from last summer. Oh summer, come back!


I have nothing interesting to say to the internet today. Here are some videos.

New crush, Allison Weiss:

I love how she always says, "Hello Internet!" at the beginning of her videos.

Old crush, p!atd on SNL last week:

Usually bands sound bad on live shows, but they sounded really good. Such professionals.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ghost Posts

Lately this thing has been happening where I write something for my blog, and then decide not to post it. I guess I lost my mojo. Anyway, I'm feeling oversharey today (must be the warm weather) so here are the last 5 or so blog posts that were never blogged.

Untitled (written on 4/7)

This makes me laugh every time I read it. Swears are funny.

From the Street Boners "aboot" page:
Gavin McInnes is a fucking piece of shit on the bottom of your shoe that likes to talk to animals and get lost in the cold. His best friend is a 2 foot tall fat woman and he gets beat up about once a day. He started Vice Magazine with two other guys back in 1994 and recently split to do his own stuff. He's been a cartoonist and a singer of punk.

Derrick Beckles is a smarmy shitstain that watches TV approximately 24 hours a day and thinks the world revolves around his crappy attitude. He was the face of the Truth campaign and began TV Carnage by himself back in 1994. He's been a filmmaker and a singer of punk.


Is It De-Lurking Day Yet? (Written 4/7)

It's no secret that I really like to look at photos. My capacity for looking at pictures of people I have never met is kind of embarrassing, and pretty stalky. Oh well. Here are some of my favorite photomograph blogmobiles:

Epicly Later'd
I wish I was a teenaged skaterdude from the Lower East Side. Cuts and sneakers and stuff are cool. Also, hipsters and Morrissey. And puppies!

Teenage Unicorn (RIP)
The cutest named photo blog that is sadly never updated anymore. I wrote Amy Kellner an email saying something like, "Sorry for stalking you, but update your blog!" Or something.

The Skullset
These are the most artful pictures of rich kids from NYC and LA on the internet. Also hipsters and Morrissey. Less puppies. (maybe!)

Mareen Fischinger's Tumblog
This girl takes really lovely pictures. Also blogs with WORDS. It's different from the others, you see.


In Case You Were Wondering (Written 4/5)

Ryan Adams pulled a mega-prank on his devoted readers (guilty!) today and dramatically quit his blog. His computer, lovingly named "Foggy" by Senor Crazypants McSexy, started tumblring soon after:


The man, the one who typed on me has left. He abandoned me so, after running a few system diagnoses I found an internal relay system for the keyboard. He always hit my keys so hard. That deaf strange man.


Tiny Happiness (written on 4/1)

Last Sunday Luke and I happened upon a letter taped to the sidewalk in Watertown Square, scrawled in a little kid's writing. It said, "If you want to play street hockey come to my house on Saturday and sign up. NO fighting, no cheating, and no hurting people unless it is an accident." Then it said, "If you want to be goalie raise your hand." Hee hee.

Luke: We should send this to Found!
Me: Let's send it to 2004 when people cared about Found!


It's Honeybun Backwards (written on 3/1)

The other day my Mom reminded me that our family used to have a secret codeword that could be used in a time of emergency. The idea was that if my Mom ever sent someone to come pick us up at school or our house or wherever because she was somehow unable to get to us, they would have to tell us the secret word so we would know she had sent them.

We weren't overly paranoid or anything, it was more preventative based on those horror stories about kids getting into cars with strangers because the person said the kid's mom had sent them.

So my Mom called to see if I remembered the word. I had no idea. She asked my 3 other siblings and everyone else remembered. What's my problem??

Anyway, want to know the word? The word was...are you ready for this? It's really good!


That is the most secret word ever! Now, you might sound it out like this: nub-ya-no. You would be correct. But for some reason, my entire family pronounced it like this:

Even more crazy secret!

Did you and your family ever have any secret codes?
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