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Friday, February 29, 2008

Julia Allison, One Day and A Year Shy of Being a Leapling

Happy Leap Day! And happy belated 27th to Julia Allison!

Julia has taught me why one shouldn't post so many pictures of oneself on one's personal blog.

Why, you ask?

Because girlfriend posts enough personal pictures for me, you, and everyone else.


Pixie said...

Oh my god. That. Girl. Sucks! Who would ever post shit like that if they knew people (other than the people who already choose to tolerate you) are reading it? Shameless.

mishka said...

In JA's defense, whatever she's doing IS working for her. I mean, she's a 27 year old "journalist" and manages to take private jets to Miami!

Pixie said...

If it's not daddy's money, I suppose you're right. Sigh.

melanie said...

i don't understand julia allison. at all. what is her job again? why does gawker blog about her all the time?

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