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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My So-Called Lameness

When My So-Called Life came out, I was 14 years old. I was in 8th grade. And I thought I was Angela Chase.

I've considered sharing this fact before, but it just seems so...unoriginal. Since I have become an adult I think I've met about 5 other women who felt exactly the same way. But still, I had the same (badly) dyed red hair. I had the same trademark bulbous nose and weird-o grunge style (It's rumored that Clare Danes had a nose job, my bulb remains healthy and flourishing). When this show came out I started tucking my hair behind my ears obsessively and pursing my lips and rolling my eyes and slouching against lockers, '90s backpack slung over one shoulder, basically just moping through the world thinking, "Oh poor me, I AM Angela Chase!"

The reason I bring any of this up, is because I've been re-watching the show through Netflix with Jill, and although I find it all sorts of guilty pleasure entertaining, I feel embarrassed for Angela. I mean, she's kind of a turd. And seeing it now, I know I was one too.

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Pixie said...

a. I love this new blog cause I can comment again!!!
b. I think I was the one person who did not think she was Angela, but thought that she was Rayanne. I wore broom skirts with striped leggings and 5 shirts and peroxided and Kool Aided a stripe in my hair. But I did not get wasted and do it with all the Angelas' boyfriends. Thankfully.

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