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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I CAN Read!

illustration from Mr. Falker

I went to my first class last night, and it seems like it will be totally tolerable. The group has a good vibe, in a women-only space kind of way (thirty people, one dude...that makes him an unintentional honorary chick).

My professor is high energy, wears floaty scarves, and is not awkward at all. You know how sometimes teachers can be so awkward on the first day of class? Someone will walk in 45 minutes late and the teacher won't acknowledge them and then that person will be whispering to everyone asking questions and the teacher is obviously distracted but just ignores them anyway? My prof isn't like that at all. When people were filtering in way too late, she would stop talking, look at them, and say, "Hello! What's your name?" Nicely done.

The class is called Understanding Reading, and it's about teaching literacy K-12. She read us a children's book to start, Thank You, Mr. Falker, and let me tell you I was just as entranced as if I'd been a 6 year-old sitting on a rainbow rug. I would highly recommend getting it from the local library. It made me cry. About a little girl who has trouble learning how to read. I won't ruin the surprise ending.

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Mom Alert! said...

The class sounds like it'll be totally terrific. You brought me back in time to 8th grade (okay, way back in time) when my English teacher (high energy, floaty scarfs, wonderful voice) read Great Expectations to the class. I too was entranced, not just with the story, but with being read to, hearing the words, seeing the scenes in my mind's eye. If you haven't already, you should check out The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease. I went to a lecture of his back in the 80's. It might be a good "old timey" resource for your class. Thanks for the memories! I'm off the library...children's section for your recommended reading. Love you

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