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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 Things

We went out on Saturday to celebrate Minh's last weekend in Boston. Anchovies in the South End has yummy Italian food and wine for super cheap. A nice place to say goodbye to an amazing friend as you cry into your enormous bowl of mussels.

We just found out they don't do wine doggy bags.

That's better.

On Sunday Luke and I went to this Duran Duran press thing. It was hosted by Mix 98.5 and held at 11 am in the freezing cold Regatta Bar.


Apparently I don't know very many Duran Duran songs. How could they NOT play Hungry Like the Wolf.


seoulgrrl said...

wah wah weeeee!
jt (the original)was my tweeny lover, he and eric clapton. u were so close to him. he look good. thank u for the pic. mmmm

Pixie said...

I know a girl from Parsons who made out with Simon LeBon at Sway when we were 19. I said to her "Wow!" but I meant "Ew."

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