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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Unoriginal Likes/Dislikes

I like:
-Running alone
-Climbing to the tops of towers, looking out at the world, feeling small
-Watching the same movies over and over (most recently, Reality Bites)
-Riding my bike along the Charles
-Eating 2 Peppermint Patties

I Don't like:
-Riding my bike on scary Watertown streets getting edged off the road by mean cars
-Sitting at a desk when it is sunny out
-Eating 6 Peppermint Patties
-Writing final papers


cash's mom said...

i like eating one peppermint pattie with a coffee at club 49 with you. oh! the good 'ol days....

Mom Alert said...

I like:
-My first cup of coffee in the morning
-Walking and talking
-Climbing to the tops of towers and sharing that moment with people I love
-Birthday, Mother's day, any day brunch with people that will climb to the tops of towers with me, then tell me to be careful all the way back down
-Eating milk chocolate anything
-Most days

I don't like:
-Thinking about you on your bike, getting edged off the road by mean cars
-Thinking of you sitting at a desk on sunny days
-Feeling guilty about eating all that milk chocolate
-Thinking of you feeling pressured about writing you final papers

I love:

Gigi said...

mom is so cute!

seoulgrrl said...

mom is super duper cute.
oh how the chocolate falls so close from the tree...

i like:
ur blog

i don't like:
never seeing u anymore

cash's mom said...

i also don't like it when people don't update their blog (even though i am sometimes the worst blogger ever!)

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